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Our Business

Partnering the growth of India’s construction industry for more than 22 years, ICO Technologies has reached a benchmark position in delivering innovative construction products and solutions. We produce and market groundbreaking, intelligent and reliable construction chemicals that make construction projects not only safer, but also stronger and environmentally viable.

ICO Care | Heat proofing | Water proofing | Wall paints | Putty | Primer

More Figures about our company :-

  • We supply domain specific chemicals in bulk to the wholesalers which in turn supply these to the end-customers and buyers.
  • We enter into project partnership wherein we get into strategic collaboration with organizations and assist them in their construction endeavor with our products and services.
  • We also venture into contracts where we take on the complete task: whether it is an altogether new construction project or refurbishment of an existing structure. We ensure that the quality and the timelines are affirmed right from the initiation to completion of the work.

Group companies :-

  • Indore Colour Organics.
  • ICO Care
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