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Putty Mix is a water-based putty. It is a unique one of its kind self-primed putty which provides a strong foundation for topcoats and enhances the desired performance. Categories: Acrylic Super Wall Putty., Interior Wall Paints, Putty


Acrylic Super Wall Putty is a water-based putty that enhances the durability as well as the look of your paints. It is one of the best products in its segment and provides a very strong and long-lasting foundation to the finish on your walls.


Strong grip

The putty has special acrylic binders that ensure that it retains a strong grip on the wall surface, thereby increasing the life of the paint film.

Whiteness and smoothness

On account of the putty’s exceptional whiteness and smoothness, emulsions painted over the putty will tend to look richer.


It is quick-drying, thus ensuring faster completion of jobs.

Breathability and porosity

It enhances breathability and lessens porosity compared to conventional putty, thus improving paint performance further.

Acrylic Super Putty | Engineer Plus

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