Engineer Plus Crack Fill Paste


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Crack-Fill-Paste – Water thinkable is suitable for use as a Crack-Fill-Paste for the painting of water-based wall finishes such as distempers and plastic emulsions.
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Crack Fill Paste is a very effective Crack repairing material, It is ready to use fiberglass reinforced crack filling material compound for both interior and exterior. It ensures the unmatched crack bridging ability for plastered cracks of up to 3 mm.


Crack Filling Ability & Flexibility
Strong filling capacity for cracks of up to 3 mm width.

High Elongation film that accommodates movement.
Mechanical Strength & Water Proofing

Reinforced with glass Fibers for Superior
Water Resistant Film stops water ingress through cracks.

Usage & Over Coating
Single Pack and easy to use.

Easily overcoated by Engineer Plus Emulsion Paints.

Engineer Plus Crack Fill Paste

1 Kg.


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