WAC-99 Water Proofing Multipurpose Latex Emulsion


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WAC-99 is a highly Concentrated multipurpose Latex Emulsion based liquid modifier useful as an additive for concrete mortars in repair/Waterproofing application as well as a protective coating to cementitious substances.

Multiple Advantages :

  • Produces high compressive flexural and tensile strength for durable repairs.
  • White brushable liquid.
  • Useful as a bonding agent for old and new concrete.
  • Useful as an additive to waterproofing mortars/concrete.
  • Excellent as a protective coat cementitious substances.
  • Antimicrobial prevent fungal & bacterial growth economical in the application.
  • Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride, sulphate & nitrates icons, for carbonation resistance coating for protection of concrete subject to adverse climatic condition .
  • Highly elastomeric and crack bridging characteristics.
  • Prevent corrosion.
  • Very low water absorption.

Application procedure:

· Surface for treatment must be thoroughly cleaned of all laitance, loose materials, oils, greases etc.

· Mix WAC-99 water and cement thoroughly in 1:1:3 proportion in weight.

· Pre-wet the surface before application

· Apply 1st coat allow it to dry for 30 minutes

· Apply a second coat and allow it to dry.

· If required overlay concrete screed/mortar when 2nd coat is tacky

· Cure the screed/mortar for a minimum of 3 days.

Area of application (External coating):

· Bridges, decks, parking areas in highways

· Reinforcement steel to prevent corrosion.

· Stepping terraces and flat roofs.

· Repairs of worn, damaged & spoiled concrete.

· F or injection, pressure & precision grouting.

· Kitchen bathrooms, side walls swimming pools, safety Tanks etc.

At the time of construction :

When used as an admixture with cement concrete mortar it works as a hardliner, wetting and finishing agent. For fast setting is recommended in cement concrete mixture @ 100 gms. to 500 gms. Per bag of cement (50 Kg.) when used with cement curing is must as per norms.

At the time of Painting:

With water-based paints (synthetic & acrylic) it can be used to enhance life and brightness.

  • 20 % WAC-99 for exterior (4 kg. in 20 kg of any water based paint)
  • 10 % WAC-99 for interior (2 kg. in 20 kg. of any water based paint)

Technical View:

Appearance: milky white

Base: modified polymer

State: liquid Emulsion

pH: 8 to 9

Solid Content: 50 + 2 %

Coverage: 60-70 sq.ft/kg (Depends on surface)

Specific Gravity: 1.1

Pot-Life @30°C: 30 min

Application: Above 10°C & below 45°C Temp.

Depth of: (Accelerated carbonation Test)

2 hours: Nil

4 hours: Nil

Thickness: 1-5 mm

Precaution & Limitations:

The container should be tightly closed after application. Clean tools with water.

Note: Above information’s are given in good faith, ICO Ltd. is not responsible for any misuse, mishandling & claims.


The product information & application details have been given in good faith and as a general
guideline. The company does not assume liability for unsatisfactory results and damage.

Available Packings.

100 g., 500 g.,1 kg., 5 kg., 10 kg., 20 kg., 50 kg., 220 kg.

WAC-99 Heat Proofing Multipurpose Latex Emulsion

100 gm., 500 gm., 1 kg., 5 kg., 10 kg., 20 kg., 50 kg., 220 kg.


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